About me


Hi! I’m Miriam Espacio
A visual designer focused on digital design and branding

I create and develop ideas, brands, applications and products.
I have worked on 360º campaigns doing brand strategy, information architecture, corporate identity, and branding. Web design, app design, packaging and photography shootings. 

I studied at Eina Centre Universitari de Disseny i Art, since then I have been working on marketing and communication agencies. All my experience has led me to be a very organized person, to work autonomously and to be an ever-ready team player. I solve problems, I learn fast and I’m curious.

But who is Miriam Espacio really? Everyone asks me if Espacio is my real last name, brace yourself; it is not. It turns out that my real name is the same as the one of an erotic actress and TV collaborator, and to avoid problems I decided to look for an alternative (you know, for the SEO).

I love typography, photography, the Bauhaus movement and its forms, Wes Anderson colors, Art Nouveau, collages, Russian Constructivism and its posters, minimalism, cats and the iridescence. If I don’t say that I love music, I will not feel at ease. First of all, I am a human and a lover of analog processes even though my nature is digital.

Do you want to know more?
Here you have a small list of pending things

See the night sky of Hawaii
Meet Paula Scher
Balloon ride
Climb a volcano and watch the sun rise
Learn to meditate
Give a TED talk
Tokyo tea ceremony

Swim in the Indian Ocean
Create a typography
Work as a volunteer
Visit the Bauhaus Archive in Berlin

See Tool live
Make cosmetics without parabens