About me

UX/ UI Designer &
Product designer

Aloha! I’m Miriam Espacio, a proactive and detail-oriented UX designer who creates usable web and mobile products, using a multidisciplinary approach to design and always trying to understand the “why” behind everything I do. ✨

With strong communication skills to ensure transparency with stakeholders, and extensive experience working with cross-functional teams, I know how to ensure that user needs are aligned with business goals.

I studied at Eina, since then I have worked in marketing, communication and design agencies. Creating and conceptualizing graphic lines and creativity. I left the pixel perfect to focus on the user, problem solving and product iteration. Why?


I simply love user research, iterate ideas, design and build based on all that. Creating user experiences that build trust, that are understood and that work while applying creative thinking to understand why something isn’t working.

I also like to talk to and observe users. See how they use a product, understand habits and discover insights and patterns. It’s pure magic working on the design process.


Want to know a little more about me?

I love typography, photography, Bauhaus, Wes Anderson’s colors, Art Nouveau, collages, Russian constructivism, minimalism, listening to good vinyl, space and dinosaurs. 🦖


Interaction design
Visual design
User research
Qualitative analysis

Info. architecture
Interviews & surveys
Usability testing
Web & App design

Art direction
Bug finder